SocSciBot And Webometric Analyst Network Online Documentation

SocSciBot and Webometric Analyst Network is a network drawing program to support link analysis research. It is embedded in the link analysis program Webometric Analyst (the new name for LexiURL Searcher) and the web crawler SocSciBot 4. It is designed to produce good quality network images for academic research and publications.

Please first try the Tutorial introduction to Webometric Analyst Network and then use the Online Help Manual to answer any additional questions.

Additional information and discussion about Webometric Analyst Network is in the book Introduction to Webometrics.

Below is a small section from a network produced with Webometric Analyst Network - for web sites associated with the BBC's ZigZagMag Persian cultural magazine. Click here to see it in full TIFF resolution, suitable for academic publications, and here to see a large .gif version (if your computer does not display tiff images). You may need to save these files to your computer before viewing them.

More examples of Webometric Analyst Network graphs - right-click to save. [Russians in Germany] [Turks in Germany] You may need a speical program to view .tif files. Please do not use or repost these images.